Leak Detectors

Seal Tick TSE6086b

Package Integrity Tester

The quality of many products is dependent upon a package that is sealed against moisture, oxygen or biological contamination. For many others, modified atmosphere packaging (gas flushing) preserves the product and ensures an enjoyable (and safe) consumer experience. The Bestech Sealtick has been developed to ensure that product packaging is properly sealed, providing confidence for manufacturers when delivering products to retailers or consumers.

Fast and non-destructive, the BesTech Sealtick can deliver an objective leak / no leak result with a read time as fast as 5 seconds. With non-destructive and highly traceable results, you will still be able to sell your products after leak testing with the Sealtick, and provide an excellent paper trail of leak detection and seal integrity for your quality control auditors.

Non-destructive (can ship passed items), largely operator independent, more sensitive

Best Sensitivity
10 micron

Package Size (Max.)
360x300x25 mm (thicker packs reduce max height/width)

Package Type
Flexible bags – pillow, gusset, etc.

Air Consumption
60 L/m intermittent

Electrical Connection
230Vac or 115Vac

Electronic Testing Record

will add soon

Purpose and Application
Leak test flexible packages without applying stress

Force on Package
0 KPa (typical)

Locate Leak

Operating Temperature

Programmable Test Methods
20 standard

Package size: up to 360 x 300 mm

Testing rate: 3-15 seconds per package

Resolution: 1 Pa/s

Test results Pass – Fine Fail – Coarse Fail Indicator Lamps Quantitative result on backlit display

Connection Ethernet, optional USB interface

Password protection: Yes

Power input 115V or 230V AC

Compressed air Supply 5-10bar

  • Leak Detection for Fresh Red Meat
  • Leak Detection for Poultry Meat
  • Leak Detection for Fish
  • Leak Detection for Cold or Ready-to-Eat meats
  • Leak Detection for Bakery Products
  • Leak Detection for Dairy Products
  • Leak Detection for Fruit and Vegetables
  • Leak Detection for Dried Meats
  • Leak Detection for Nuts and Dried fruit
  • Leak Detection for Coffee and Tea
  • Leak Detection for Drinks
  • Leak Detection for Fats and Oils
  • Leak Detection for Freeze Dried Products
  • Leak Detection for Fresh Pasta
  • Leak Detection for Nutraceutical Products
  • Leak Detection for Packaging / Manufacturing and Seal Integrity
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