Company Profile

Mätt Solutions are specialists in instruments, devices and systems that measure, verify and control food quality. Originally formed within Formula Foods to find “solutions” in instrumentation that can help with quality control (then known as FF Instrumentation), Mätt Solutions has organically grown to now offer instrumentation solutions covering the full range of food production, preparation and distribution needs.  

While the name may have changed, the ethos of working with our clients to find solutions has not. By listening and walking the difficult path with our customers we have built a broad base of knowledge in how to investigate the challenges that appear within food preparation. 

The core of our business centres on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Gas flushing), Water Activity Analysis and NIR Analysis with products from Europe, Scandinavia and America.  In these areas we work with some of the biggest and most respected brands exporting around the world and also with local small businesses, distributing within their region. The commonality is that all of our clients care about quality, and enjoy the needs based solutions that Mätt Solutions offers. 

Mätt Solutions have been New Zealand's leading providers of specialist instrumentation for measuring and extending product shelf life since 1987. Our solutions have a strong focus on analytical instrumentation and process monitoring equipment for the food/dairy manufacturing sector.

We trust we can assist your company in achieving greater success.