How do we keep all our promises?

The EU's "Farm to Fork" strategy, part of the Green Deal, focuses on ensuring food quality and reducing food waste from production to consumer homes. This initiative aims to create a fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food system. While significant progress has been made, much work remains. Citizens can contribute to this progress by voting in the upcoming EU election in June.

At Scan Sverige AB in Linköping, a new vision system from TriVision has been installed to enhance the security of sausage production by detecting foreign particles like plastic. This advanced system, which includes a camera and illuminated scanning area, stops the conveyor and grinder when an anomaly is detected, thus preventing contamination of raw materials and reducing waste. Production coordinator Johan Larsson emphasizes that this system not only secures their products but also helps save costs by reducing raw material loss.

The investment in the vision system is considered worthwhile, with the expectation that it will pay for itself within the first year of operation. Larsson notes that the system has already proven its value by preventing a significant loss of materials in a single incident. The system's ease of use and effectiveness provide reassurance that their products are free from contaminants, ensuring higher quality and safety standards in their production process.


“Ideally, we don't want to find anything, but when we do, it’s a real reassurance that the machine does its job and ensures our raw materials are free from plastic.”




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A new vision system provides extra security | Matt Solutions - TriVision