New iMonnit MQTT Webhook Touts Seamless Data Transport

More good news. If you need to transport data and store it with mainstream cloud providers and brokers via the popular lightweight IoT protocol—Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)—iMonnit has a new webhook for you.

The iMonnit MQTT Webhook helps you transport data from iMonnit to your network, private cloud, or your designated MQTT broker seamlessly and securely using the MQTT protocol.

It’s easy to set up the MQTT Webhook in iMonnit. Consider it as simplified as setting up a business email account on your smartphone. In a few minutes, you can configure the feature to transmit sensor data in the MQTT protocol to a broker for storage, analysis, or action. Brokers include those associated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud IoT Core, and others.

With the MQTT Webhook, you can:

Attach Added Security: Authenticate data with a unique cryptographic validation fingerprint.
Automatically Ingest Data: Configure it to move MQTT data into cloud broker and other data systems without needing a developer.
Aggregate Data Sources: Combine Monnit Sensor MQTT data with streaming data from disparate sources and systems into your cloud broker services.
Ensure Data Availability: Automate data backup and transport. Like other iMonnit Webhooks, the MQTT Webhook features automatic storage on Monnit Servers, retries, deliveries, and validation.
Find the new iMonnit MQTT Webhook by clicking API in the left main menu, then the Data Webhook and Create buttons.


Log into iMonnit and check out the MQTT Webhook