Three Reasons Why Everyone chooses the Matt Solutions (NZ) supplied PAL-pH pH Meter

1. No more sample wastage

Dip type pH meters need much more sample to take a measurement, for the PAL-pH, only a few drops are needed.

How much sample is needed to make a measurement?

Dip Style :  >20ml (each time – depending on the measurement container volume)
PAL-pH   : 0.6ml (each time)

2. No more risk of breaking glass electrodes

The glass in Glass electrodes tend to be very thin hence easily breakable. Very slight accidental knocks can sometimes lead to breakage.

However, PAL-pH's glass electrode is durable. This is one of the primary reasons why adoption of the PAL -pH is increasing worldwide.

3. No more electrode running cost and time spend maintaining

pH meters are designed so that KCl (Electrode’s internal reference liquid) will slowly deplete over time and needs to be refilled regularly.

However, PAL-pH KCL last allot longer