Unlock Effortless Moisture Analysis: The ROS 1 Delivers Precision in Nine Samples, All Within 40 Minutes

Nine samples. 40 minutes. Zero busywork. 

Other loss on drying methods require hours of shuffling samples in and out of machines. The ROS 1 automates the monotony, freeing you to do more profitable work.

Forget about it.

Analyze as many as nine samples at once. Once you fill the sample cups and press start, the ROS 1 takes care of the rest. 

It collects extensive data, enters it into a spreadsheet, creates a live drydown curve, and safely ends the test – all automatically, with no supervision necessary.

World-class analysis.

ROS 1 heats samples, but it’s far more than a drying oven or moisture balance. Its unique heat source gently and precisely raises the sample’s temperature, vaporizing moisture without scorching or burning. 

As samples dry, they’re cycled across a highly accurate scale that records changes as small as 1/1000th of a gram. It’s MC analysis at its best: Precise, repeatable, reliable.

High heat ≠ high speed. 

Scorched samples give bad data. Unlike other methods, ROS 1 is both quick and accurate, thanks to predictive software and a unique heating element.

No spilled samples or fat fingered data.

ROS 1 and its companion app, Bridge, eliminate the time-consuming work and long experience needed to collect precise MC data. There’s no need to record or weigh anything. Interaction with samples is minimal. The machine does the work. 

Insights that moisture balances and ovens can’t detect.

Where moisture balances burn samples under imprecise halogen bulbs, the ROS 1 gently heats the sample itself, not the chamber. That means the ROS 1 moisture analyzer for food offers the exact temperatures of a drying oven  paired with automated, accurate weighing and remarkable speed. 

  • Any sample, always accurate
  • Efficient, human-centric design 
  • In the lead for 40 years
  • Quick ROI


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