Unparalleled Precision for Challenging Samples

Volatile compounds are tough on most sensors

Most water activity sensors get confused or damaged by volatile compounds. The AQUALAB TDL 2 isn’t like most sensors. Its tunable diode laser sensor is impervious to volatile ingredients – which means it measures even the most extreme volatiles with exceptional precision and accuracy.

The AQUALAB TDL 2 offers precise water activity data for volatile samples, utilizing laser technology to achieve accurate readings even in the presence of volatile compounds like soy sauce and gasoline. Respected for its ±0.005aw accuracy, the TDL can measure challenging volatiles such as tobacco with ease. Its unique laser technology, with a sensor housed in a sealed chamber, ensures accuracy and speed, providing results in under five minutes. With over 40 years of expertise in moisture management science, AQUALAB instruments are highly secure and compliant, trusted by 92% of the top 100 food companies for accurate readings across various samples.

  • Ultra-Precise: Achieves ±0.005aw accuracy for the most reliable results.
  • Rapid Results: Delivers readings in under 5 minutes, enhancing productivity.
  • Versatile: Perfect for a wide range of volatile samples, from soy sauce to gasoline.
  • Globally Trusted: Endorsed by 92% of the top 100 food companies for consistent quality and safety.
  • Innovation: Employs laser technology for accuracy in the presence of volatiles.
  • Discover how the AQUALAB TDL 2 can elevate your quality control processes.

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Aqualab TDL 2 volatile water activity meter