Further Improvements to Mocon Checkpoint 3!

Ametek Mocon have announced an upgrade to the CheckPoint 3, with the addition of the CheckPoint 3 EC which allows for more accurate measurement of O2 or CO2 in packages with high concentrations or combustible packages.  This will prove particularly suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications such as smoked meats & fish, bread treated with alcohol, fresh pasta, fermented foods and coffee.

The CheckPoint 3 EC adds strength to the CheckPoint 3 lineup, of which more than 100 have been sold in New Zealand to quality conscious producers.

The announcement coincides with the announced obsolescence of the very popular Dansensor CheckPoint.  For Matt customers that still have the original Dansensor Checkpoint onsite, please watch your mail for something very special from us (or get in contact and we’ll update you personally).

The CheckPoint 3 is part of a suite of products from Ametek Mocon (previously Dansensor) that allows for process control, quality assurance and quality control from start to finish of the gas flushing or MAP process.

This includes the MapMix Provectus – which gives accurate control of your gas mix and the MapCheck range, allowing monitoring of the mix going into your product. For checking the seal, there is the LeakPointer 3, a non-destructive off-line leak check instrument and the LeakMatic, an inline instrument capable of testing every package off the line for total quality assurance.

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