It gives the team here at Matt Solutions great pleasure to announce that our Manager, Mr. Bob Olayo, has been elected to his third successive term as Chairman of the Canterbury Branch of New Zealand Institute of Food Safety Technology.

Mr. Olayo, who focuses strongly on practical applications that technology can bring to food safety and process improvement for profitability noted “the continuing focus for this term will be on greater involvement from industry as well as the continuation of our highly popular ‘mini seminars’ from innovation & industry leaders”.

Mr. Olayo continues his leadership of the institute as the food industry grapples with the challenges posed by “work from home” restrictions as well as the ever increasing importance being placed on food safety. He noted “the use of technology – particularly virtual meetings, has allowed us to reach out to a wider diversity of speakers from across New Zealand and around the world, able to share their insights and experience to the benefit of our members. In the coming months, members can expect practical sessions that can lead to direct improvements in process control in their production facilities”.

To find out more about the activities of NZIFST, or to become a member and share in the (free) experience sharing sessions we encourage you to browse the NZIFST Website or visit the NZIFST Canterbury at their LinkedIn Page.