Perten DA 6200 NIR gains AUS-MEAT approval for measurement of Chemical Lean

The Perten DA6200, which utilises NIR (Near Infra-red Spectroscopy) to analyse the chemical composition of fresh meat and meat products has been endorsed by AUS-MEAT* for use in the determination of chemical lean in both fresh meat and mince products.

Chemical lean is defined as the amount of lean red meat compared to the amount of fat in a meat sample.  It’s determination by an approved method is a mandatory requirement from AUS-MEAT for any export meat product.

The approval for use of the Perten DA6200 for use in certifying the fat content / Chemical Lean % is significant due to the speed with which the robust instrument can provide a reading. Fat, moisture, protein and collagen levels can be determined within a sample with results in a mere 30 seconds.  In addition – the easy to use instrument (operators can be trained in use within five minutes) is able to data-log all results and doesn’t require cleaning between samples.

With the DA6200, samples can be analysed in near real time at the production line.  This is a significant improvement over the legacy “microwave method” of fat determination which can take up to three hours, needs a trained operator and large amounts of dangerous solvents. With the instant analysis you are able to verify customers’ chemical lean requirements during packaging, thereby reducing the need for costly repacks or worse – product rejection when it reaches the customer.

Commenting on the endorsement, Bob Olayo, Manager at Mätt Solutions (Perten’s official distributor in New Zealand) said “to be able to determine Chemical Lean in what is effectively real time is a real money saver for any meat producer.  The ease of use and high level of accuracy of the DA6200 will certainly reduce costly product rejection and make the QA process infinitely easier and more effective”.

For more information on the Perten DA6200 Portable NIR analyser you are invited to visit the product page, download the brochure or contact us personally via for a more detailed conversation.

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* Australia and New Zealand’s leading providers of agribusiness auditing, certification and training services.