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Portable gas analyser (Oxygen O2/ Carbondioxide CO2) for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages

Dansesor CheckPoint gas analyzer

Portable oxygen and carbon dioxide  analyser for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP)- (gas flushed packages)

Workflow perfection

There’s nothing to it. The CheckPoint portable analyser gives you all the answers you’ll need – in seconds. Adjust the flow? No need. Compensate for temperature? No need. Don’t even worry about cross-sensitivity or other technical matters. Just power it up and start testing. Every measurement will be accurate and reliable due to PBI-Dansensor’s proven sensor technology. Benefits

  • Easy to operate – no training required
  • Durable design – will withstand many years of operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2&CO2) measurement
  • Stores the latest 9 measurements
  • Battery powered, up to 2,400 measurements
  • Standard, low-cost syringes
  • Easy two-button automatic offset calibration


CheckPoint Oxygen (O2) Analyser CheckPoint Oxygen (O2) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) Analyser Replaced by CheckPoint 3

Gas Analysis of Fresh Red Meat Gas Analysis of Poultry Meat Gas Analysis of Fish Gas Analysis of Cold or Ready-to-Eat meats Gas Analysis of Bakery Products Gas Analysis of Dairy Products Gas Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables Gas Analysis of Dried Meats Gas Analysis of Nuts and Dried fruit Gas Analysis of Coffee and Tea Gas Analysis of Drinks Gas Analysis of Fats and Oils Gas Analysis of Freeze Dried Products Gas Analysis of Fresh Pasta Gas Analysis of Nutraceutical Products Gas Analysis for Packaging / Manufacturing and Seal Integrity

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