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Combi Module Vacuum 2

This instrument has been replaced by MAP Check 3 Vacuum.

On-line gas analyser for quality assurance of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Great news for tray sealing and thermoforming lines

Whether the customers want higher quality assurance levels or the management wants higher production rates... this is pleasing news for both. With the CMV-2 you can step up – from random quality checks to on-line quality assurance - and speed up production, too. The CMV-2 measures gas composition continuously, ensuring that every package is flushed to spec – a hit for your customers. And because testing is automatic, process lines can run at high speeds with the same high quality – management will thank you too. Automatic testing with the CMV-2 has a number of advantages – it isn’t just faster and more reliable than manual testing, it’s also more efficient. If there is a problem with gas content, the operator is immediately notified by the system – no waste of time. And if preset limits are exceeded, the CMV-2 stops the process – no waste of products or packaging either.


  • Stops packaging machine if preset limits are exceeded
  • Measures every packaging cycle
  • Continuous process monitoring of gas content
  • Lower labour costs compared to manual testing
  • Less packaging waste than with manual testing
  • Oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide measurement
  • Alarms for low or high gas concentrations
  • Data logging of measurement data
  • Automatic switch between different gas mixes if used with MAP Mix 8000 EL
  • Optional measurement of buffer tank gas composition


Now Replaced By: MAP Check 3 Vacuum

  • Fresh Red Meat Poultry Meat Fish Cold or Ready-to-Eat Meats
  • Bakery Products Dairy Products
  • Fruit and Vegetables Dried Meats Nuts and Dried Fruit
  • Coffee and Tea Drinks
  • Fats and Oils Freeze Dried Products
  • Fresh Pasta Nutraceutical Products
  • Packaging / Manufacturing and Seal Integrity
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