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EM5b Analog Data Logger

Mini logger for reading EC-5, GS1, and 10HS soil moisture sensors, the ECRN-50 and ECRN-100 rain gauges, and the ECT temperature sensor.

Low cost of ownership Season's worth of soil moisture data

·         Cost. The Em5b allows you to add inexpensive peripheral sites to a study.

·         Perfect for a season’s worth of basic soil moisture data.

·         Limited weatherproofing. Needs to be protected from the elements.

·         Not optimized for frequent data downloads. Port 1 must be unplugged before downloading data; case closures can be cumbersome.

·         Only reads analog sensors (listed above)

The Em5b is a low cost, limited use five-channel mini-logger. It powers and reads the EC-5, GS1, 10HS, EC-10, EC-20, ECT and RT-1 temperature, as well as the ECRN-50 and ECRN-100 rain gauges.

Operating Environment: -5° to 45°C, up to 100% RH Suitable For: Research Monitoring Irrigation Management Soil, Moisture, Temperature Measurement Fertiliser Control Soil / Fertiliser Drainage Water Level Monitoring Micro-climate and Canopy

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