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Introducing the AQ1. It’s an entry-level water activity meter powered by SKALA, our most advanced process automation platform for food. And it’s priced to fit a start-up budget. If you’re small enough to be running a one-person lab, you qualify for the AQ1 single-user package—a setup that lets you run lean but ready to grow.

  • Automatically records and compares reading to pre-defined water activity specs
  • Identifies which readings are in spec and audit ready
  • Connect up to seven other lab instruments you already own—pH meter, scale, moisture balance, refractometer
  • Measure water activity of multiple samples simultaneously
  • Connect multiple AQ1s to a single HUB

Sensor type Capacitance

Accuracy ±0.02

Repeatability ±0.01

Range 0.00 - 1.00 aw

Temperature Resolution 0.1 ◦C

Sample dish capacity 7.5 ml recommended, 15 ml full

Measurement time 5 minutes or less

The AQ1 is an affordable, entry-level meter and so much more because it’s powered by SKALA. It’s not just powerful enough to grow with you—it’s powerful enough to help you grow. Take the 12-week challenge and see how the SKALA-powered AQ1 can open doors, cut costs, and drive profits.

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