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Seal Tick - TSE6081b

The TSE6081b tests larger flexible packages for leaks, and gives go/no-go answers independent of the operator. It can find holes as small as 10 microns in diameter for smaller packages and 20 microns for the largest packages. It’s used to test Sausage Skins, Biscuits, snack foods, salad, MAP packs, Milk-powder, medical bandages, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on… It doesn’t stress the package contents. A unique flexible test chamber ensures good packages are left in original condition after testing and put straight back onto the production line. Which decreases the return-on-investment time. It requires packages with a “head-space” of air (or MAP gases) and generally dry contents. It has a trolley form-factor for larger packages. A simple change testing chamber allows a larger range of packages to be tested on the one machine. Items are placed manually, and the handle is closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence. Results are displayed with Pass or Fail lamps, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate.

Simple operation - test initiates from handle closure 

Test results shown on lamps: Pass – Fine Fail – Coarse Fail

Quantitative result on backlit display. 

Accepts a wide range of pack sizes and shapes without adjustment (smaller chamber recommended for smaller pack sizes). 

Rapid testing - from 5-45 seconds for most standard packs.

20 nameable methods. User programmable to optimize for different sized products. 

Memory - 30 days of results (1 file per day). On the 31st day, the first days results are cleared. 30 days of tracking the test counters progress (1 file per 10 days). On the 31st day the first 10 days are cleared.

Ethernet and USB connections allow periodic upload for mandatory record keeping and trend identification, plus online monitoring via Web Browser. 

Test parameters stored and accessible under password access. 

Setting and control of test times and parameters from keyboard.

Internal generation of test vacuum from compressed air. 

High resolution measurement of leak rate. 

Recall of most recent test data to review test parameters 

Calibration menus for pressure.  Stainless steel construction. 

Accepts thin items up to 600 x 500 mm (available size decreases as thickness increases). 

Warranty: 12 months.








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The Seal Tick machine is easy for our operators to use. The passed product can go back onto the line, no damage occurs to product during the testing process.

TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester is a trolley-based non-destructive leak tester from Sealtick designed for testing of large flexible packages. This TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester is ideally used for leak testing applications in the food and pharmaceutical products manufacturing, where products need to be checked to ensure the packages are sealed against moisture, oxygen or biological contamination.

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