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Thermal properties analyser.

There’s never been a thermal properties analyzer that gives accurate measurements under all conditions.

Small sensors are fragile and face contact resistance. Large sensors and high-priced, steady-state methods, require long heat times, which drive moisture away from the sensor and alter the reading. Alternative instruments use one standard equation without making any adjustments for real-world conditions—plus they’re bulky and expensive. There’s simply been no convenient or affordable way to measure accurately. Until now.

Range 0–50 °C
Power 5 AA batteries
Battery life More than 250 high-power measurements
Data storage 2,048 measurements in flash memory (both raw and processed data are stored for download)
Read modes Manual and unattended measurement modes
Range –50 to 150 °C
Controller Length: 18.5 cm (7. 28 in) Width: 10 cm (3.94 in) Height: 3.5 cm (1.38 in)
Carrying case Length: 37 cm (14.57 in) Width: 30 cm (11.81 in) Height: 10.5 cm (4.13 in)
Display size Width 5.5 cm (2.17 in) Height 4.0 cm (1.57 in)
Sensor interface DB-15 connector
  • Improved algorithms increase accuracy
  • One-minute read times
  • ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant
  • Controlled heating
  • Download data easily
  • Automatically identifies the sensor you have plugged
  • Extended battery life
  • Portable: use in the field or in the lab
  • Measure moist and frozen materials accurately
  • Short heating times ensure no moisture movement
  • Measures thermal conductivity of a variety of fluids
  • Robust sensor needles limit breakage
  • Each sensor engineered for a specific material
  • Automatically corrects for linear temperature drift
  • Resolves temperature to ±0.001 ?C


KS-3 (6 cm [small] single needle) Range: Conductivity: 0.02–2.00 W/(m • K) Resistivity: 50–5,000 °C • cm/W Accuracy: Conductivity: ±10% from 0.2–2.0 W/(m • K) Size: 1.3 mm diameter × 60 mm length
TR-3 (10 cm [large] single needle) Range: Conductivity: 0.1–4.0 W/(m • K) Resistivity: 25–1,000 °C • cm/W Accuracy: Conductivity: ±10% from 0.1–4.0 W/(m • K) Size: 2.4 mm diameter × 100 mm length
SH-3 (3 cm dual-needle) Range: Conductivity: 0.02–2.00 W/(m • K) Resistivity: 50–5,000 °C • cm/W Diffusivity: 0.1–1.0 mm2/s Volumetric specific heat capacity: 0.5–4.0 MJ/m3 Accuracy: Conductivity: ±10% from 0.2–2.0 W/(m • K) Diffusivity: ±10% at conductivity above 0.2 W/(m • K) ±0.02 W/(m • K) from 0.10–0.20 W/(m • K) Volumetric specific heat capacity: ±10% at conductivities above 0.1 W/(m • K) Size: 1.3 mm diameter × 30 mm length, 6 mm spacing
RK-3 (6 cm [thick] single needle) Range: Conductivity: 0.1–6.0 W/(m • K) Resistivity: 17–1,000 °C • cm/W Accuracy: Conductivity: ±10% from 0.1–6.0 W/(m • K) Size: 3.9 mm diameter × 60 mm length


For over a quarter century, thousands of scientists and engineers have relied on our thermal properties analyzer for measuring almost anything—and we mean anything. We’ve even partnered with NASA to measure on Mars. Wherever you measure, and whatever you’re measuring, rely on the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer for accuracy, affordability, and simplicity that will make your thermal properties measurements easier.

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