Air Safety

Dual O2/CO2 Monitor, 0-25% and 0-10,000ppm

PureAire Monitoring Systems’ Dual O2/CO2 Monitor is designed for continuous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide in confined spaces. The monitor is ideal for facilities that use inert gases including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and argon. The dual O2/CO2 monitor is suitable for environments such as cryogenic facilities, breweries, food processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, hospitals, and universities. The monitor will remain accurate at temperatures as low as -40c. PureAire’s durable, non-depleting, zirconium oxide sensor cell and non-dispersive, infrared sensor (NDIR) cell, will last 10+ years in a normal environment, without needing to be replaced.

  • No scheduled maintenance zirconium O2 cell and long-life CO2 sensor
  • No calibration is required for oxygen
  • Self-calibrating CO2 sensor
  • Local backlit concentration display
  • Built-in audible horn
  • Built-in visual LED alarm indicators
  • Alarm level 1 for CO2 / Alarm 2 for O2
  • No drift due to environmental or temperature changes
  • 3-year warranty
  • 24V DC Power Supply Included (99039, 99122)
  • International Power Supply Included (99139, 99176)

PureAire Monitoring System’s Dual Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Monitor provides continuous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This monitor is ideal for use in confined spaces where low oxygen concentrations could pose a health hazard, from nitrogen gas storage sites to carbon dioxide beverage gas distribution areas.

While many O2/CO2 monitors rely on electrochemical sensor cells, PureAire developed its Dual O2/CO2 Monitor with a zirconium oxide and NDIR cell. This cell is impermeable to changing barometric pressure, storms, temperatures, and humidity, for reliable performance across a range of atmospheric conditions. While other units require quarterly calibration and periodic maintenance, PureAire’s Dual O2/CO2 Monitor needs no scheduled maintenance or calibration once installed. If you seek an O2/CO2 monitor that you can plug in, leave alone, and rely on to monitor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, try PureAire.

#99039 - Includes power supply for use in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan

#99122 - Includes 10' remote CO2 cable and Power supply for use in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan

#99139 - Includes Global power supply w/ interchangeable adaptors

#99176 - Includes 10' remote CO2 cable and Global power supply w/interchangeable adaptors


• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
• Hospitals
• Breweries
• Cryogenic Facilities
• Universities
• Food Processing

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