Hand Held Refractometer MASTER-80H

The MASTER-80H is developed for measuring high-temperature samples such as jam, marmalade and candies. It has an automatic temperature compensation and a water resistant function.

This hand-held, portable refractometer is housed in a die-cast aluminum metal body for resistance to heat and organic solvents. The body protects against dust and water jets. It has automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for an instant, accurate calibration readings, regardless of ambient temperature and calibration can be done with water. Calibration can be controlled and adjusted with an exposed calibration screw and the included screwdriver. Samples are viewed through a monocular eyepiece.

  • Samples can be rinsed off by running water on the prism. This design allows the user to easily wipe off the sample.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation function enables you to take measurement readings regardless of the ambient temperature.
  • Sample size 2-3drops
  • Automatic Sample Distribution (ASD) prism housing design allows for sample to cover the prism without having to lift the day-light plate!
  • Convenient Storage case included








Brix : 30.0 to 80.0%

Minimum Scale







MASTER-80H has a longer service life as compared with conventional types because its prism is made of corrosion resisting tempered glass. The MASTER-80H is best for measuring jam, marmalade candies, etc.

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