In-line Concentration Monitor CM-BASEβ

In order to meet the need of our users, the CM-BASEβ has designed to attach to the edge of a tank or pot. This model is recommended for various applications for the industrial field. (Pipe length: 200mm)
Brix value can be output by recorder output, and Brix value and temperature can be output by RS-232C output.
Equipped with offset and alarm functions as new functions.

  • Ideal for those who are considering automation from manual management
  • Simple IoT in the palm of your hand!
  • Numerous Special Scales Available
  • Enhanced Hygeine and Stability with Prism Wiper 
  • Data Output
  • Safe To Use with Food Related Equipment

Model               Pipe length
CM-BASEβ       200mm
CM-BASEβ(M)  300mm
CM-BASEβ(L)   500mm

Beverages, Beer, Gelatin & Gummy Candies, Coffee・Tea, Soy Milk & Tofu, Tomato Puree, Ketchup, Brine, Vinegar, Wastewater / Effluent Water, DMF・DMAC・DMSO, Surface Treatment Agents, White Mold Release Agent, Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hydroxide, Resists, Plating Solutions (Sulfuric Acid)

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