Salinity Refractometer MASTER-S28M

The units can be used for controlling the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing seafood or salinity in cooking. NEW material which is durable for salty and acid sample is adopted. The Master-S28M is a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually. For the model with Automatic Temperature Compensation please choose MASTER-S28α.

  • Handheld portable refractometer for salinity (0.0 to 28.0%) measurement of concentration of salt water used in rinsing seafood or salt in cooking
  • Manual temperature compensation
  • Ambient light illuminates the scale; no additional power source is required
  • Ridged outer shell with a telescope-shaped, streamlined design (20.3 x 3.2 x 3.4cm) for gripping, and a spoon-shaped tip for smooth sampling
  • Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) plastic body for use with salty and acidic samples; Ingress-Protection (IP)-65 rated for protection against dust and water jets






Sodium chloride : 0.0 to 28.0g/100g

Minimum Scale

Sodium chloride : 0.2g/100g


The Atago 2483 MASTER-S28M is a handheld, portable refractometer with a salinity scale that measures in the 0.0 to 20.0% range, has manual temperature compensation, and is housed in an Ingress-Protection (IP)-65 rated polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) plastic body. A salinity refractometer measures the refractive index of a solution in a sample, converts it to seawater concentration in units of percent by weight (% salinity, also known as degrees salinity), and displays the results. Handheld refractometers, sometimes known as salinity meters or concentration meters, are commonly used in the culinary, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, educational, geological, chemical, and ecological industries, and for water-testing applications.

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