Wine Refractometer MASTER-OE

This model is wine refractometer which has the scale of OE, used for measuring grape must concentrations. It comes with Automatic Temperature Compensation function (ATC) and Water Resistant feature (IP65).

Refractometers, hand-held, precision, MASTER-OE
For simple, manual measurement of concentrations and refractive indices of liquids. Hand-held, precision refractometers with focussing eyepiece, soft rubber eyecups (to reduce straylight ingress, also spectacle lenses do not slip off and are not scratched), case and conversion tables. Hand-held refractometers cannot be fitted with a thermostatic controller and so measurements have to be temperature compensated.

  • MASTER series wine refractometer hand-held, Oe 0.0 to 130°, Brix 0.0 to 33.0 %
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Essential for grape growers, wine cooperatives, winery personnel, and wine buyers
  • ATC and water resistant
  • Minimum scale: Oechsle 1° Brix 0.2 %
  • Manufacturer: Atago USA
  • Manufacturer Part No: 2591
  • Wine Refractometer MASTER-TA
  • Wine Refractometer MASTER-OE
  • Wine Refractometer MASTER-GOE
  • Wine Refractometer MASTER-KMW
  • Wine Refractometer MASTER-BAUME






Oe : 0.0 to 130°

Brix : 0.0 to 33.0 %

Minimum Scale

Oe : 2°

Brix : 0.5 %


Oe : ±2°

Brix : ±0.2 %


The MASTER-Series Wine Refractometers are used for measuring grape must concentrations. The operator can simply apply a drop of sample on the prism to view the measurement value through the eyepiece.

Five models are available. These models come with dual scales (one wine scale plus Brix scale). These models are equipped with the same great features as the other units in the MASTER-α Series.

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