Colour Analysis


World-class solution for accurate, consistent, and reliable color and haze measurement of transparent liquid and solid sample types.

  • Accurate and consistent color measurement makes quality checks easy
  • Create standardized benchmarks to meet quality assurance goals
  • Detect contamination in raw materials early on
  • Small footprint- fits inside a hood
  • Deliver superior quality products repeatedly
  • Print, email, or stream measurement data (LIMS and SPC)

Measurement Principle: Dual-beam spectrophotometer

Geometry: Tt/0º or Td/0º per ASTM 1164, CIE 15:2018

Spectrophotometer: 256 element diode array and high resolution, concave holographic grating

Port Size/Measured Area: 18.5 (0.73 in) illuminated/9.8 mm (0.39 in) measured

Measurement Time: 2.5 seconds

Measurement Time with Haze: 5 seconds

Measurement Interval: min 3 seconds

Measurement Pathlength: Up to 100 mm

Transmission Modes: Total (TTRAN) and Regular (RTRAN) and Haze

Standards Conformance

Colorimetric: CIE 15:2018, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7 and JIS Z 8741 Condition E, G
Haze: ASTM D1003

  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Plastics
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