Data Acquisition & Logging


Plug and record mini data loggers The MicroLite is an ideal solution for a variety of industrial cold chain logistics, requiring a small form factor USB data logger. Low cost, water resistant, multi-trip temperature data logger, with 16-bit resolution, 4-digit LCD display and direct USB connectivity – the MicroLite offers truly cost effective data logging. The comprehensive MicroLite range allows organizations to select the unit most appropriate for their mission-critical environment: MicroLite-set  

•Measures temperature, humidity, current and voltage

•Able to automatically create and email PDF data reports when logger is connected to PC

•Up to 32K cyclic memory

•LCD for real-time data and battery display

•Cradle for wall mounting

•DataSuite software for data analysis and device setup

•API available for third-party integration

LITE5008P-A - MicroLite USB Temperature Logger (8K Memory)

LITE5032P-A - MicroLite USB Temperature Logger (32K Memory)

LITE5032P-RH-A - MicroLite USB Temperature and Humidity Logger

LITE5032P-EXT-A - MicroLite USB Logger with External Temperature Probe

LITE5032P-4/20-A - MicroLite USB 4-20 mA Current Logger

LITE5032P-V-A - MicroLite USB 0-10 V Voltage Logger


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