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Focus stacking ability. Laser pointer. Optional XY table.

The agile and personal digital microscope

The TAGARNO TREND automated digital microscope is not just advanced technology. It is also personal technology at your service. Easily tailored to fit your needs perfectly, this takes automated microscopy to a new level.


Beautiful outside, smart inside

The TAGARNO TREND precision microscope produces crystal-clear magnified images that are perfect as indisputable documentation material. Images can rapidly be shared with colleagues and partners. High-quality materials and surface treatments ensure a long product life with no maintenance required.


Take a closer look

Optical zoom, high frame rates, and 1080p image quality. The TAGARNO TREND is born powerful and will only improve with age as we provide new features and firmware updates.


Make it personal and see smarter

Customize the digital microscope with powerful and specialized apps. Optimize processes for your specific tasks. Maximize efficiency, enhance quality of work, and make routines faster.


Designed to do no harm

Four out of five ordinary microscope operators suffer from musculoskeletal pain. But with TAGARNO TREND, you work with technology designed for humans. Developed in close cooperation with ergonomics specialists, the TAGARNO TREND improves workplace ergonomics, with correct working postures and optimal conditions for eyes, neck and back.


Continuous Updates

Improve your quality control by continuously adding new technology to your digital microscope.

With the new agile digital microscopes from TAGARNO, you quickly and easily gain access to the latest technology without having to invest in new microscopes all the time.

You only have to invest in your preferred selection of add on features to update your microscope and you are all set! That way, you always have a digital microscope with the most current and relevant features available and you are thereby always able to alter the system to assist you in your quality work.

  • Perform firmware updates for ongoing improvements and adding features
  • Magnification levels 1.2x - 297.1x on a 22' monitor
  • 30 x optical zoom
  • 60fps equals ultra-high frame rates
  • FULL HD / 1080p image quality
  • Capture images directly to the microscope or computer
  • Auto & Manual focus
  • Source select function
  • Field of view: Min. 1,6mm/0.063” / max 409,0mm/16.10”
  • Lens to object distance: Min. 44mm/1.34” / max 333mm/12.11”
  • Working height: Min: 100mm/3.94” Max: 335mm/13.2”
  • Working depth: 385mm/15.16”

This intuitive digital microscope with camera is not just advanced yet accessible technology. It is also personal and smart software at your service. Easily tailored to fit your needs perfectly, this HD video microscope with more than 250x takes your quality control to the next level.

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