Milk Analysis

Human Milk Analyzer

Miris Human Milk Analyzer gives the energy, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content in human milk within minutes using a small sample volume.

In a single run the Miris HMA™ quantitatively measures the concentration of fat, carbohydrate, protein, total solids, and energy of human milk. The analytical technique used in Miris HMA™ is a combination of established mid-infrared (mid-IR) transmission spectroscopy principles and a patented innovation.

Miris is operating on all continents and HMA is registered as a Medical Device in Europe, Japan and USA.

Small sample volume
All you need is a 3 ml sample to analyse fat, protein, carbohydrate, energy and dry matter.
Results in 60 seconds
The results are presented instantly on the display and can be transferred to your computer or USB device.
Analyse when needed
Bring fast and reliable analysis to your own laboratory.

Miris Human Milk Analyzer

Dairy Milk Analyser (DMA)

Miris Ultrasonic Processor

Miris Heater



The nutritional content of human milk changes over time and differs between mothers. Fortifying milk blindly without knowing the macronutrient content will often miss the nutritional target, leaving the infant at risk of over- or undernutrition. Miris HMA™ measures the energy, fat, carbohydrate and protein content. This enables clinicians to adapt fortification to the actual macronutrient content of the milk.  

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