Gas Analysers

CheckPoint 3 - Portable Gas Analyzer

***NEW*** Portable gas analyser with long lasting sensor.

The new, modernized design of the CheckPoint 3, a portable gas analyser. This new model is the most progressive on the market, adopting a solid state sensor for improved speed and accuracy. With the use of this sensor there is no need for on-going calibration. The sensor also has a two year warranty which contributes to a lower cost of ownership.

Along with improved measurement stability, the CheckPoint 3 operates on a simple to use touchscreen interface with colour display to present diagnostics. The device is also able to create its own WiFi connection for data collection/transfer

  • NEW Ceramic solid state O2 sensor
  • O2 or combined O2/CO2 measurements
  • Flow check
  • Data collection/transfer via WiFi
  • Faster processing (results in 7 seconds)
  • Easy-to-read 3.5' touchscreen colour display
  • Uses standard, low-cost syringes
  • Optional metal detective needles
  • Data package
  • 3 years warranty on sensor
  • Rubber boot
  • Up to 1 million data logs
  • Multiple languages
  • Graphic statistics
  • CheckPoint 3 O2
  • CheckPoint 3 O2/CO2
  • CheckPoint 3 Premium O2
  • CheckPoint 3 Premium O2/CO2
  • Gas Analysis of Fresh Red Meat
  • Gas Analysis of Poultry Meat
  • Gas Analysis of Fish
  • Gas Analysis of Cold or Ready-to-Eat meats
  • Gas Analysis of Bakery Products
  • Gas Analysis of Dairy Products
  • Gas Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Gas Analysis of Dried Meats
  • Gas Analysis of Nuts and Dried fruit
  • Gas Analysis of Coffee and Tea
  • Gas Analysis of Drinks
  • Gas Analysis of Fats and Oils
  • Gas Analysis of Freeze Dried Products
  • Gas Analysis of Fresh Pasta
  • Gas Analysis of Nutraceutical Products
  • Gas Analysis for Packaging / Manufacturing and Seal Integrity
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