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Map Mix Provectus Argon

Capable for mixing Argon gas for the metal industry.

Main uses for gas mixtures in welding industry is as ‘shielding gases’. The most common industrial welding process, used extensively in the automotive industry, is gas metal arc welding, or GMAW, sometimes referred to as metal inert gas (MIG) welding.  

A variation on GMAW is gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), sometimes called tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. A key aspect to both of these important welding methods is that the area where the welding is occurring – the weld zone – must be protected from the atmospheric air. Excessive amounts of oxygen, nitrogen or water vapour can all reduce the quality of the weld. To keep air away from the weld zone, shielding gases are used. Depending on the materials that are being welded, the choice of shielding gas mixture can be crucial. If an inappropriate mixture is used, the weld can become weak or porous or cause an excess of ‘spatter’, which is time consuming to remove.

The correct selection of the shielding gas will improve both the speed and quality of the weld, as well as allow a greater deposition rate. The main component of a shielding mixture is an inert gas, typically argon. This is mixed with other gases, depending on the process. For example, a mixture of 85% argon and 15% carbon dioxide is often used for carbon steels and low allow steels. A mixture of 95% argon with 5% oxygen is common for general carbon steel welding. If more than 5% oxygen is present, however, the gas mixture can oxidise the electrode which may make the weld unacceptably porous.

A smarter way to mix gas!

The revolutionary MAP Mix Provectus uses an entirely new operating principle to advance the accuracy, operation and appearance of a gas mixer. Simple to use, highly reliable and rich in data, this mixer gives vital feedback on information such as current gas flow, total gas consumption and actual gas mix at any time.

  • Data logging of consumption, date, time and gas mix
  • Very low pressure drop over the mixer, making it suitable for working with nitrogen and oxygen generators
  • USB, Ethernet (LAN), RS232, Modbus TCP connections for data logging and control
  • Available for mixing 2 or 3 gases
  • Mixes oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide
  • NEW: Now also available for mixing of argon and atmospheric air


MAP Mix Provectus MAP Mix 9001

  • Gas Mixing for Fresh Red Meat
  • Gas Mixing for Poultry Meat
  • Gas Mixing for Fish
  • Gas Mixing for Cold or Ready-to-Eat meats
  • Gas Mixing for Bakery Products
  • Gas Mixing for Dairy Products
  • Gas Mixing for Fruit and Vegetables
  • Gas Mixing for Dried Meats
  • Gas Mixing for Nuts and Dried fruit
  • Gas Mixing for Coffee and Tea
  • Gas Mixing for Drinks
  • Gas Mixing for Fats and Oils
  • Gas Mixing for Freeze Dried Products
  • Gas Mixing for Fresh Pasta
  • Gas Mixing for Nutraceutical Products
  • Gas Mixing for Packaging / Manufacturing and Seal Integrity
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