Near-Infrared (NIR)

Kiwifruit Quality Meter - F-751

Quickly and easily gather kiwifruit quality data using state-of-the-art near-infrared technology.

The brand new F-751 Kiwi Quality Meter is based on the original F-750 Produce Quality Meter. It precisely and non-destructively measures dry matter, and brix to indicate quality and ripeness using NIR (near infrared) technology. The highly portable instrument is designed to work accurately straight out of the box with just a simple push of the button and without destroying any fruit in the process- saving time, product, and money.

  • For growers, the meter not only offers straight cost savings in manpower and destroyed fruit, but additionally, reduces guesswork and provides more data. Measuring more fruit, more often helps growers make better decisions at harvest.
  • For breeders, NIR can help better determine how different applications of nutrients or herbicide affect fruit quality.
  • For distributors, exporters and importers, NIR gives more visibility into the quality of the outgoing and incoming product, laying the groundwork for better decision making and cost savings.
  • 500+ Measurements
    With over 500 measurements on a single charge and rechargeable 3400 mAh replacement batteries included, you’ll never be lacking in predictive power.
  • Data-driven harvest management
    Remove the guesswork and accurately predict crop harvest dates with data- driven insights.
  • User-friendly design
    The Kiwifruit Quality Meter’s intuitive user interface is designed for easy adoption by technicians at all levels of training.
  • Durable construction
    Heavy-duty aluminum construction protects the device from wear and tear without sacrificing weight.
  • 7 data points in one scan
    Collect raw data, reflectance, absorbance, 1st derivative spectra, 2nd derivative spectra, GPS, date & time all in one scan.
  • Integrated crop mapping
    Compatible with the free, interactive harvest mapping software FruitMaps, see your harvest data where it matters most – in your orchard.


Hamamatsu C11708MA
640-1050 nm
Spectral Sample Size:
2.3 nm
Spectral Resolution:
20 nm (FWHM) maximum
Light Source:
Halogen Tungsten Lamp with gold reflector
Fused silica coated to enhance NIR
White painted reference standard
Sunlight visible transflective LCD screen with backlight

Harvesting Kiwi Fruit

Importing and exporting

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