Stirring & Mixing

Crossover 1540

Powerful industrial mixer.

Mixing up to 200 litres (55 gallons) of basic pre-mix, industrial pilot plant volumes, or full production batches, this portable mixer weighs only 12 kg (26.5 lb).

  • Operate while wearing PPE or sterility gloves
  • Precisely set desired speed or adjust on screen
  • Meet the changing needs of multiple facilities
  • Easy installation to North American grounded outlet
  • Improve mixing and impeller functionality
  • Assign an identifier name or number to each mixer
  • Optional auto-start operation upon power restoration
  • Monitor viscosity changes as they relate to torque
  • Set total mixing time; stop mixing or sound alarm
  • Track total mixing time from power up
  • Stop mixing or sound alarm at desired torque reading
  • Notification of desired time or torque level
  • Integrate into existing monitoring and control systems
  • Capability for RS232 RS485 PLC and Ethernet or PC
  • Document results: speed / torque / time / date
  • Protection in aggressive environments; wash down
  • Easily access button to immediately stop mixing
  • Protects display; replaceable if covered by splashes or dust
  • Guard spinning chuck and upper shaft for safety
  • Holds shaft securely; diameters up to 16 mm (?')
  • Shift gears without manually stopping mixer
  • High efficiency no maintenance motor
  • Always available – no required maintenance schedule
    • Intuitive Speed Adjustment
    • Resistive Touch Screen Display
    • Portable
    • 120 V cord set
    • Counter-clockwise rotation selection
    • Name Customization
    • Resume on Power up
    • Torque Zero feature
    • Cycle Timer
    • Run Time Display
    • Torque Min/Max Setting
    • Audible Alarm
    • PC/PLC connectivity
    • Multiple com ports
    • Data Logging
    • Sealed Housing
    • Quick Stop
    • Installed Screen Protector
    • Chuck Shaft Guard
    • Adjustable Keyed Chuck
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Brushless DC motor - fan cooled
    • Maintenance Free

Key Specifications:

Speed Range  ● 50-1500 rpm, (0.83 - 25 hertz)

Max Torque ● 3000 Ncm

Max Viscosity ● 180,000 cP

Output Power ● 1/2 hp, 300 watts

Max Volume ● 200 litres

The Caframo 1540 combines industrial control features and incredible amounts of power creating a portable mixer perfectly suited for lab or production batches. Resume on power up allows precise control by a PC or PLC. Plug in a USB drive for immediate data logging of date, speed, time and torque. Alarms, timers, PC programmability as well as “mount and plug in” installation provide a transportable mixer from bench top to barrel.

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