Aflatoxin M1 Immunoaffinity Column

The immunoaffinity column can selectively adsorb aflatoxin M1 from the sample solution, thereby purifying the sample. The purified sample solution can then be directly used for HPLC or LC-MS/MS analysis.

Immunoaffinity columns can be used in combination with HPLC or LC-MS/MS to achieve rapid testing, and to increase signal-to-noise ratio and improve the accuracy of the detection method.

1. Overview:
Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites of a class of fungi (such as Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus). They are highly carcinogenic and are found mainly in grains, peanuts, nuts, cottonseeds, animal feed, vegetable oils, as well as animal tissues and blood. Among them, Aflatoxin B1 (AFT B1) ranks first in terms of toxicity, carcinogenicity and frequency of contamination. Aflatoxin M1 is the hydroxylated metabolite of Aflatoxin B1 and a strong carcinogen. Cow’s milk and its products are prone to Aflatoxin M1 contamination.

2. Principle:
The basis of the measurement is the antigen-antibody reaction. Antibodies are connected to the column and the aflatoxin in the sample is extracted, filtered, and diluted, and then passed slowly through the aflatoxin immunoaffinity column. The toxins bind to the antibodies in the column and the immunoaffinity column is then washed to remove other unrelated substances that have not been bound. Aflatoxin is then eluted with methanol and injected into an analytical instrument for detection.

3. Components of the kit:
Each kit contains Aflatoxin immunoaffinity columns of various specifications and 1 instruction manual.

4.Necessary items not provided in the box:
Nitrogen gas evaporatorapparatus
Nitrogen gas tank and pressureregulator
Air-pressure controller bracket
Air pump
Balance with 0.001greadability
High-speed freezing centrifuge (can be set to 10°C, 7, 500RPM)
Constant temperature incubator or water bath (can be set to 35–37℃)
High-speed homogenizer (maximum speed> 10,000 RPM) or shaker
pH meter (or pH testpaper)
Sieving screen:2mm
Graduated cylinder: 100 mL/10mL
Funnel: 50mL
Syringe: 10 mL/20mL
Homogenization flask (or 250-mL conical flask withpestle)
Vias andtubes
Rapid qualitative filterpaper
Microfiber filter paper (e.g. Whatman934-AH)
Column holder and syringe connector plug (for use with immunoaffinitycolumns)

5.2 Reagents
Methanol (CH3OH): AnalyticalGrade
Acetonitrile (CH3CN): ChromatographyGrade
Sodium chloride (NaCl): AnalyticalGrade
Hydrochloric acid (HCl): AnalyticalGrade
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH): AnalyticalGrade
Potassium chloride (KCl): AnalyticalGrade
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KH2PO4): AnalyticalGrade
Disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate (Na2HPO412H2O):Analytical Grade
Distilled or deionizedwater

Catalog No.: QC0131

Catalog No. Product Name Column Capacity (ng) Specification

QC0131/QC0071 Aflatoxin M1 Immunoaffinity Column 100 3mL,25T/50T

QC0132/QC0073 Aflatoxin M1/M2 Immunoaffinity Column 200 3mL,25T/50T

QC0134/QC0077 Zeranols Immunoaffinity Column 1000 3mL,25T/50T

QC0135/QC0085 Folic Acid Immunoaffinity Column 500 3mL,25T/50T

QC0136/QC0087 Biotin Immunoaffinity Column 1000 3mL,25T/50T

QC0137/QC0138 Bovine Immunoglobulin G Immunoaffinity Column 15mg 3mL,25T/50T

QC0139/QC0092 VB12 Immunoaffinity Column 1000 3mL,25T/50T

QC0140/QC0108 Heparin Immunoaffinity Column 10mg 3mL,25T/50T

Aflatoxin M1 is the hydroxylated metabolite of Aflatoxin B1 and a strong carcinogen. Cow’s milk and its products are prone to Aflatoxin M1 contamination.

Application: Dairy products

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