Weighing Solutions


The MB95’s halogen heating system distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process — delivering fast and precise measurements. Designed for tool-free cleaning, the MB95’s components can be easily removed for quick and easy maintenance. Operating the MB95 is intuitive with the icon-driven menu navigation on the touchscreen display.

  • MB95’s precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples quickly and ensures uniform heating to yield fast. Four drying profiles and five switch-off criteria help to perform customized sample tests.
  • MB95 can help you store up to 20 methods and 200 total results, for statistical analysis of measurements.
  • Designed with effortless maintenance in mind, the MB95 features a removable pan handler and heating chamber components that make cleaning quick and easy—no tools needed.
  • MB90
  • MB95
  • MB120

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