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ECTestr 11+ Conductivity meter

Multi-range with selectable or auto-ranging options - One tester measures from pure water to waste water!

Electrical Conductivity (EC) meters measure the capacity of ions in an aqueous solution to carry electrical current. The ranges in aqueous solutions are usually small so the basic units of measurements are milliSiemens/cm (mS/cm) and microSiemens/cm (µS/cm).

Conductivity is used world wide to determine the level of impurities in water supplies for domestic consumption and industrial use. Industries that employ this method include the chemical, semi-conductor, power generation, hospitals, textile, iron and steel, food and beverage, mining, electroplating, pulp and paper, petroleum and marine industries.

Some applications require the measurement of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in mg/L, parts per million (ppm) or parts per thousand (ppt). The TDS concentration can be obtained by multiplying the conductivity value with a factor which is empirically determined. The total TDS is a mass estimate and is dependent on the mix of chemical species as well as the concentration while Conductivity is only dependent on the concentration of chemical species.

Eutech Cond 6+ Conductivity Meter Specifications

Product Specification Description
Range ..   to 200.0 µS/cm .. to 2000 µS/cm .. to 20.00 mS/cm
Resolution 0.1   µS/cm 1 µS/cm 0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy ±1%   of full scale
ATC Yes   (0 to 50 °C / 32 to 122 °F)
Temperature Coefficient 2   % per °C, fixed
Calibration Points 3   auto or 3 manual
Temperature Display Yes
Range 0   to 50.0 °C / 32.0 to 122.0 °F
Resolution 0.1   °C / 0.1 °F
Accuracy ±0.5   °C / ±0.9 °F + 1 LSD
Calibration ±5.0   °C / ±9.0 °F
Non-Volatile Memory Yes
Auto Power-Off 8.5   minutes after last key pressed
Power Requirement 4   x 1.5 V 'A76' micro alkaline batteries (included)
Battery Life More   than 150 hours
Dimension / Weight Tester   : 16.5 x 3.8 cm ; 90 g Boxed : 18.5 x 6.5 x 5 cm ; 200 g
  • Multi-range with selectable or auto-ranging options - One tester measures from pure water to waste water!
  • User-Replaceable Sensor - Replace the sensors yourself. Sensors lasts longer with element made of SS316 stainless steel and sensor casing made of VALOX®
  • Large Display Screen - Simultaneous temperature readouts, displays mode, ATC, battery level
  • Single and multi-point calibrations with automatic or manual options
  • Waterproof, Anti-roll Design - IP67 waterproof housing keeps tester good even under wet conditions. Unique anti-roll ribbed design ensures firm grip.
  • Innovative Cup-style - Innovative sensor housing design can be used as dip-style or cup-style for holding small volume of samples. Sensor casing is made of VALOX® for superior chemical durability.





General: For use in water and wastewater treatment, boiler blow-down, electroplating rinse tanks, drinking water, hydroponics, printing industry, aquaculture, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and spas.

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