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Manufactured since 1964 WILE moisture meters are proven performers. Sold in over 80 countries with over 100 available calibrations

Wile 55 is a basic tool for measuring moisture content in grains and seeds. The meter is best suited for performing rapid field measurements

Precise Easy to use Capability of testing 16 different grain or seed types

If you need a particularly precise and reliable measurement result, you may also wish to consider the Wile 200 moisture meter that measures, in addition to moisture content, test weight and temperature, or the crushing grain moisture meter Wile 78.

The set includes:

Carrying case with strap
Grain measuring cup
Battery 6F22, 9 V
Operating manual.

Grain Seeds Oilseeds

Grain Types that can be Measured:

The Wile 55 has in its memory the most common grain types and it is specifically programmed for regional differences in grain varieties. In addition to the pre programmed grain types the Wile 55 can measure a large variety of grains and seeds with separate conversion tables.

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