Hay, Grass & Silage


The WILE25 Hay Moisture Meter is for Dry Hay and Forage. It is available with two different measurement probes and a dish probe for the measurement of loose hay in a bucket.

Adjustable calibration Automatic temperature compensation

Quick and easy to use
Manual density compensation
Wide moisture measuring range depending on the scale
Repeatability of the measurement results: ±2% points

Wile 25:

The meter is available with two probes:

Wile 251 bale probe for baled hay
Wile 253 dish probe for loose hay.

Wile 26

Wile 27

Wile 500  

Dry Hay, Compact bales, Loose hay, Forage

Loose hay (measured with the dish probe):

ca 13-85%

Baled hay (measured with the bale probe):
ca 10-73%

Baled hay (measured with the bale probe, compacted bales):
ca 10-50%

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