Plant Growth Chambers

F-1200 Plant Growth Chamber

If you need large volume for your test, the 1200 is the unit that you need. Despite its large volume, its air circulation allows an incredible environment uniformity. As all the Taiwan Hipoint products, the 1200 is made in robust anti-rust material. Fully programmable, just set it and step away. It is one of the cheapest and most versatile model of our range. A choice of options allows to set an item fit to your research.

  • Large volume
  • Made in robust anti-rust material
  • Fully programmable (Multi programs - multi steps)
  • Remote Control
  • Overview Dimensions (W1070 x D1010 x H2050mm)
  • F-1200
  • FC-1200
  • FH-1200
  • FHC-1200

Arabidopsis, insect incubation, seed storage, tissue culture storage, plant growth chamber, constant temperature chamber, every settings are possible.

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