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10HS Soil Moisture Sensor

The 10HS measures volumetric water content in a larger soil sample with its 1 liter volume of influence. High frequency oscillation and patented signal filtering deliver excellent accuracy and minimal textural effects; analog output makes it easy to use with other companies' data loggers.

Larger Volume of Influence

Looking for a soil moisture sensor with a greater volume of influence? Use the 10HS to precisely analyse water content where a large volume of influence is required, with minimal salinity and textural effects in most soils.

Characterize Spatial Variability

At 10 cm long, the 10HS has a 1 liter area of influence. Picture the probe running the length of a one liter bottle - the bottle represents the approximate area of influence. The 10HS predicts the volumetric water content of the soil within that area.

Engineered for Accuracy

The 10HS calculates volumetric water content (VWC) by analysing the dielectric constant of the soil using capacitance/frequency domain technology. Using a 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural influences, making the 10HS accurate in most soil types. Factory calibrations may be used in most standard soils with a saturation extract EC of 10 dS/m.

Integrate with CSI Data Loggers

The 10HS's analog signal means simple integration with other companies' systems (such as Campbell Scientific). A built in voltage regulator permits the Decagon factory calibrations to be used with any excitation voltage between 3 and 15 V.

Use with the Topp Equation

The 10HS's output can be set to dielectric for use with the Topp Equation or other dielectric-to-volumetric water content conversions.

Reasons to pick the 10HS:

  • If volumetric water content is the only measurement you need.
  • If you just want a simple, all-purpose sensor with excellent accuracy.
  • If you are interested in a large volume of influence.


  • Large volume of influence
  • High measurement frequency
  • Easy to install
  • Plug and play capability with METER loggers
  • No-hassle integration with third-party loggers using SDI-12 protocol


Apparent dielectric permittivity (ε ): ± 0.5 from ε of 2 to 10, ± 2.5 from ε of 10 to 50 Soil Volumetric Water Content (VWC): using standard calibration equation: ± 0.03 m /m (± 3% VWC) typical in mineral soils that have solution electrical conductivity < 10 dS/m; using soil specific calibration, ± 0.02 m /m (± 2% VWC) in any soil


ε : 0.1 from ε of 1 to 30, 0.2 from ε of 30 to 50 VWC: 0.0008 m /m (0.08% VWC) in mineral soils from 0 to 0.50 m /m (0-50% VWC)


ε : 1 (air) to 50 VWC: calibration dependent; up to 0 - 57% VWC with polynomial equation

Range: Survival Temperature: -40 - 50°, Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C Suitable For:


Monitoring Irrigation


Soil Moisture

Temperature Measurement

Fertiliser Control

Soil / Fertiliser

Drainage Water Level

Monitoring Micro-climate and Canopy

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