Soil - Moisture


Generates a moisture characteristic curve and determining the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soil samples in three to five days.

  • Precise and robust
  • Low time, cost, and effort
  • Easy to handle and flexible
  • Simultaneous measurement of water retention function and hydraulic conductivity
  • High validity of the water retention function, especially in the area close to saturation
  • The hydraulic functions are consistently verified by a large number of measuring values
  • Reliable determination of unsaturated conductivity in the medium water potential range—independent of model assumptions
  • Tensiometers measure beyond typical cavitation point down to -250 kPa
  • Tensiometers are positioned upside down in the soil sample (undisturbed evaporation and no impact on the tensiometer shafts)
  • Reduced tensiometer water loss after reaching the cavitation phase
  • Transport Box for HYPROP Samples
  • Sample Ring Insertion Tool
  • HYPROP Vacuum Pump
  • HYPROP Refilling Apparatus
  • HYPROP Balance
  • Extra HYPROP Sample Rings


As soil scientists who have made hundreds of moisture release curves, we wanted an instrument that delivered greater accuracy. And we demanded an instrument that was automated. The HYPROP 2 takes only days vs. months to generate a soil water characteristic curve in the wet range, and it does this automatically. Use it together with the WP4C (which measures the dry range), and you can create full, high-resolution moisture release curves.

On top of all that, we designed the HYPROP 2 to determine unsaturated hydraulic conductivity on undisturbed soil samples placed inside a standard 250 mL sampling ring. Used in tandem with the KSAT, it can measure the full unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curve. The resulting instrument winds up saving you time, hassle and worry.

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