Soil - Moisture


PARIO calculates the particle size distribution by Stokes’ law. Complete automated operation, just set it up and come back 6 hours later to collect the data.

  • Calculation of particle size distribution by Stokes’ law
  • Autonomous operation after measurement start
  • Quasi-continuous resolution of particle size distribution
  • No physical disturbance of suspension during measurement
  • Avoidance of manual reading errors
  • Avoidance of manual calculation errors
  • Temperature dependence automatically integrated calculation of particle size distribution
  • PARIO Sedimentation Cylinder
  • PARIO Cylinder with Bung Stopper

PARIO uses automation to shrink the time and effort needed for soil particle size analysis. It calculates the particle size distribution by Stokes’ law, with a range spanning from 63 μm to 2 μm, finally making it easy to obtain a complete particle size distribution curve, instead of just a few measurements at discrete time points.

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