Soil - Moisture


The only system in the world with a bi-directional pump that automatically maintains true field conditions within the lysimeter. Field moisture is measured and transmitted to the control center. If the water is too dry, water is pumped into the lysimeter. If the soil becomes too wet, water is pulled out by the pump so that true field conditions are maintained at all times.

  • A complete small, weighable, tension-controlled lysimeter combined with tensiometers, soil moisture sensors, data logger and optional GPRS modem
  • Field identical water conditions and temperature dynamics
  • Accurate ET
  • Direct measurement of the water balance
  • Depth flexibility
  • Lightning protection
  • Powered by solar panels
  • More economical and easier to install than large lysimeters

Modular setup

UMS modular Smart-Field-Lysimeter with bi-directional boundary control, basic setup, extendable to up to four lysimeters. Comes preassembled and tested, includes handbook.

Pump system

Pumping system for bidirectional regulation of the lower hydraulic boundary, controlled by field matric potential or manually.

Leachate weighing platform

PL-10 weighing platform for leachate tank

Leachate tank

10 liters, comes with a buriable box

Included sensors

1 x T8 field reference tensiometer

3 x 5TM ECH O probes for soil moisture

3 x MPS-6 probes for matric potential Auger set for probes

Data collection 

Data logger DT80-M w. integrated GPRS/3G-modem for data transfer and remote acess, SIM-ready


Rechargeable battery 12 V/26 Ah, charger and power-management module


Integrated lightning protection













Irrigation Management

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