Soil - Water Potential


The SC-1 Leaf Porometer is a battery-operated, menu-driven device used to measure stomatal conductance of leaves. The Leaf Porometer measures stomatal conductance by putting the conductance of a leaf in series with two known conductance elements, and comparing the humidity measurements between them.

  • Accurate
  • High speed results (readings in 30 seconds)
  • Straightforward calibration
  • Affordable
  • No moving parts
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Save and download data
  • SC-1 Porometer Spare Agitation Beads
  • SC-1 Leaf Porometer Spare Pads for Leaf Clip
  • SC-1 Leaf Porometer Spare Filter Pack
  • SC-1 Leaf Porometer Replacement Leaf Clip
  • Extra Filter Paper for Calibration (Watman #3)
  • Desiccant (2 oz. Bottle)

The Leaf Porometer measures the stomatal conductance of leaves by putting the conductance of the leaf in series with two known conductance elements. By measuring the humidity difference across one of the known conductance elements, the water vapour flux is known. The conductance of the leaf can be calculated from these variables. We know the humidity at three places: inside the leaf, and at both of the humidity sensors. The Leaf Porometer effectively calculates the resistance between the inside and outside of the leaf: the stomatal conductance. It measures resistance between the leaf and the first humidity sensor and the first and second sensors.

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