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Uses radiation measurements and other parameters to accurately calculate leaf area index in real time.

  • Measures canopy PAR
  • Automatically calculates Leaf Area Index in real-time
  • Lightweight
  • Self-contained
  • Powered by four AA batteries
  • Can log data unattended for short periods of time
  • Stores over 2,000 readings for later download and analysis
  • Above-canopy sensor enables simultaneous above- and below-canopy PAR measurements

The AccuPAR and its accessories arrive in a durable foam-padded carrying case. Your shipment should arrive with the following items.

• AccuPAR model LP-80

• RS-232 Cable

• Operator’s Manual

• External PAR Sensor

• #1 Phillips Screwdriver

• USB Adapter Cable

The AccuPAR can be operated in environments with temperatures from 0 to 50◦ C, and in relative humidities of up to 100%. The instrument ships with an RS-232 interface cable to allow for downloading data to a computer, an external PAR sensor to allow for calibration, and simultaneous above and below canopy PAR measurements. The AccuPAR operates on four AAA alkaline batteries.

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