Air Safety

Carbon Dioxide Monitor 0-50,000ppm

The PureAire Carbon Dioxide Monitor is designed for use in areas where carbon dioxide is used, stored, may accumulate, or is present during production processes such as those that take place inside breweries. This monitor is ideal for use in environments including, but not limited to, breweries and bottling plants, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and agricultural locations. PureAire’s CO2 monitor continuously measures the air quality inside bars and restaurants, schools, and office buildings. The monitor is built with a long-life sensor that will last 10+ years in a normal environment.

  • No maintenance, long-life CO2 sensor
  • Self-calibrating CO2 sensor
  • Local backlit concentration display
  • Built-in audible horn
  • Built-in visual LED alarm indicators
  • No drift due to environmental or temperature changes
  • 3-year warranty
  • 24V DC Power supply included (99174)
  • International Power supply included (99191)

PureAire Monitoring System’s Carbon Dioxide Monitor provides continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide. This monitor is ideal for use in spaces where carbon CO2 concentrations could pose a health hazard.

Our Carbon Dioxide Monitor includes an NDIR sensor cell to reliably measure CO2 levels. The monitor will remain accurate over a wide range of temperature (0-50°Celsius) and humidity (0-95%RH) levels, as well as changes in barometric pressure. While some CO2 monitors sold by our competitors require quarterly calibration and periodic maintenance, PureAire’s Carbon Dioxide Monitor needs no maintenance or calibration once installed.


#99191 - Includes Global power supply w/interchangeable adaptors

#99174 - Includes Domestic power supply for use in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan

•Breweries & Wineries
•Bars & Restaurants
•Food Processing
•Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
•Grow Rooms
•Building Management

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