pH and Temperature

P14/RJ/LF Jam Probe

Jam pH Electrode, Body Type: Epoxy, Junction Type: Replaceable Ceramic, Connector: BNC, Recommended Applications: Food & Beverage, Fruit, Jam, Preserves

Easy penetration, cleaning and maintenance, Dimensions: 120x12mm, Wet Material: Glass, Ceramic, Ref. Type: Single Junction Ag/AgCl

PH Range: 0-13

Cable Length: 1 metre

Connector: BNC (others available upon request)

E O Point: -25mV to +25mV

Combination: Yes

Temp Range °C: 0-80

Body Type: Epoxy

Response Time: <30 secs 95% FSD

Application: Fruit Juice, Jam, Preserves

Ref. Type: Single Junction AgCl, Liquid Filled

Refill Solution: 551-68

Junction Type: Replaceable Ceramic

Storage Solution: 791-65

Shaft Length: 120mm ± 5mm

Recommended Cleaning Solution: 791-15

Shaft Dim.: 12mm

Shelf Life: 12 months

Recommended Applications: Food & Beverage, Fruit, Jam, Preserves

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